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Recorded Mon 9th Mar 2020 13:00
SOUL2SOULENCORE Welcome My Peoples Dj GUSS AUGUSTiNE: DONOTDAREDiSTURBDATDiAL 120 Mins Olde Skool Coolio Classical & Lyrical Vintage Tunes to make your Liver Quiver with More Bounce 2D Ounce. DiSCO FUNK HiPPP & HOPPP JAZZ-FUNK RnB REGGAE SOUL2SOUL. Features: 1)AUGUSTiNES AWESOME ANTHEMS 2) BACK iN Da DAYZZZ:Historical Facts Awards Birthdays Deaths Events 3) LOVABLE LEGACY LEGENDS: 4) RUFUS RASTUS REGGAE SELECTiON 5) SOUL2SOUL SPORT SCENE 6)TREBLE99 Bio of Legendary Artist/Band Trio of Their Tracks & Tunes
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